Ten Senses Africa


Our main focus is to work with small holder farmers and groups as the supplier of nuts to our processing facility. Our Fair-Trade certification ensures that farmers are protected from prices fluctuations as it sets the minimum pricesCurrently we are working with a total of 30, 000 macadamia farmers from Mt Kenya region and Taita Hills. Our farmers are duo certified into organic and fair-trade. Our processing facility is based in Nairobi, Kenya which employs a total of 800 workers.

Before Ten Senses was established, individual farmers were selling to middlemen who paid low prices. Now, Ten Senses collect the nuts from the farmers and pay them on receipt, direct from one mobile phone to another. The transaction is tracked and matched to the receipt against a message sent by the mobile transfer company.

The farmers receive better prices, are paid immediately and there are no risks associated with payment by cash.


Since 2008, TSA has been working with smallholder farmers in Kenya to grow organic macadamia and cashew for export. We have strong relationships with local farmers groups who are trained by qualified agronomists and certified to produce quality macadamia nuts. TSA works with farmers groups in Embu, Meru, Tharaka Nithi in upper eastern, Muranga, Nyeri and Kirinyaga in Central region and Taita Taveta in the coast region.